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Gain CARV Airdrop with InfStones!
Gain CARV Airdrop with InfStones!
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May 31 , 2024 · 2 min read

CARV is dedicating 25% of the total token supply to verifier node operators, and InfStones is CARV’s strategic partner for node License Key sale and node running service provider. Start to gain CARV airdrop rewards through InfStones!

Purchase CARV Node to Participate in Earning 25% CARV Airdrop

CARV is dedicating 25% of the total token supply to verifier node operators who possess node licenses and keep the node running. The node licenses will be distributed as an NFT to the purchase wallet of the user. Only the wallet with the node license can then operate the node and earn tokens as rewards. Learn more at

Choose InfStones with the Lowest Node License Price in Market

As CARV’s Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider and strategic partner, InfStones offers the most attractive prices in the market exclusively to InfStones’ community. We provide both node license sales and node running services, making us the only provider in the market to offer this comprehensive package. This unique position allows us to deliver highly competitive pricing.

Package A: $850 - For Node License Only

This is the lowest price in the market for a node license.

Package B: $800+$100 - For Node License and $100 Prepaid on CARV Node Running Service

The $800 is the price for a node license, which is even lower than Option A;

The $100 is pre-paid for the CARV node running service with InfStones. Running a node is essential to receiving airdrops, and all license holders must select a provider to operate the node in order to qualify for airdrops.

After CARV mainnet launches, you can link your payment wallet to InfStones' platform for the node running service, and this $100 credit will be directly applied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Deadline for this exclusive and most price-competitive sale is June 4th, 23:59:59 UTC - Time is limited, act fast!

How to Join?

Step 1: Fill Out the Form to Obtain a Whitelist

Click the link below and submit your wallet address, which will be connected to the node purchase. The wallet address will be reviewed and whitelisted within 24 hours.


Step 2: Purchase on the Official Website

After your wallet address is whitelisted, go to CARV official node website:
Gain CARV Airdrop with InfStones!

Connect the whitelisted wallet address and you will be able to see the special Tier InfStones. Click “Purchase” to proceed.

Stay Connected!

For more information, follow us on Twitter @InfStones and join our discord via Stay tuned for updates, and don’t miss our upcoming AMA session!

About InfStones

InfStones is an advanced, enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider trusted by the top blockchain companies in the world. InfStones’ AI-based infrastructure provides developers worldwide with a rugged, powerful node management platform alongside an easy-to-use API. With over 20,000 nodes supported on over 80 blockchains, InfStones gives developers all the control they need - reliability, speed, efficiency, security, and scalability - for cross-chain DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and decentralized application development.

InfStones is trusted by the biggest blockchain companies in the world including Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX, Chainlink, Polygon, Harmony, and KuCoin, among a hundred other customers. InfStones is dedicated to developing the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation.