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01.What is Slashing?
Slashing is when a node is found to be breaking the rules of a PoS network and is punished with the loss of some or all of the coins that it was staking on the network as a result. Slashing is designed to discourage harmful behavior from node operators and validators in order to maintain a high level of integrity and security for PoS networks.
02.Does InfStones offer Slashing Insurance?
At InfStones, we prioritize the security of your assets. While we've maintained a flawless record in our staking operations, we acknowledge the concern of slashing. In the unlikely scenario of a slashing event occurring on stakes made through cloud.infstones.com, we'll compensate for up to 12 months of collected fees or the slashed amount, whichever is less. Compensation requires a thorough review and excludes stakes made outside of cloud.infstones.com and events caused by client or network failures.
03.How many blockchain protocols does InfStones support?
InfStones supports 80+ blockchains and counting. Our target is 100 by the end of 2023.
04.How many nodes does InfStones host?
05.How does InfStones achieve the goal of decentralization?
Our nodes are sourced from many different providers in a variety of different regions. We also have bare-metal server options. We fully embrace decentralization.
06.How are you different from your competitors?
In addition to meeting your infrastructure needs, we support exciting extra features to help you develop scalable and secure applications. We provide a range of APIs, node management features, and blockchain tools. Our tools enable you to monitor and ultimately control, dynamically scale, and secure your blockchain applications and products. We outperform our competitors by supporting over 80 popular blockchain networks. Plus, we are agile and adaptable in that we can quickly incorporate any blockchain upon demand.
07.What is Web3?
Web3 is an envisioned version of the web that leverages blockchain technology to create a more decentralized and interactive web in which users own their content and are immune to censorship by big tech companies. InfStones offers support for the vast majority of services required to get started with developing Web3 applications. Start here.

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