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01.What services does InfStones offer?
InfStones offers Fast API, Power Node, Safe Stake, and BlockWatch services.
02.Can I get a free demo of how the software works?
You can register here to sign up for a demo: https://cloud.infstones.com
03.How much does it cost to set up a node?
Our blockchain API includes a free plan that supports up to 5 million daily request cost. You can also upgrade to other paid plans to increase your number of request cost and unlock additional features.
However, due to the requirements and pricing structure, our free trial does not give you the ability to launch a full node. More information about our plans and prices can be found here.
04.What is Fast API?
Fast API are HTTPS and Websocket endpoints that provide remote procedure call (RPC) access to a blockchain, allowing you to connect and query the blockchain without hosting a full node.
05.What is Staking?
Staking is the act of delegating your cryptocurrency to a validator pool to earn rewards. Delegated tokens are typically locked for a set period of time and are used in the block mining process of a blockchain via a mechanism known as Proof-of-Stake (PoS). InfStones includes a decentralized staking feature with high-percentage yields and support for over 80 popular cryptocurrencies. More information about our staking services and percentage yields for various networks can be found here.
06.What is multi-cloud support?
We configure our Web3 infrastructure on multiple cloud providers across several different regions to ensure the efficiency and maximum uptime of our services.
07.What is auto-scaling?
This feature allows you to automatically increase your node's resources, such as disk size when the current configuration reaches a predefined threshold of resource utilization. With auto-scaling, you don’t have to worry about downtime caused by user influx as your app will scale automatically when the demand for more resources increases.
08.What is Block Watch?
BlockWatch is an InfStones in-app feature that allows you to track the status of your hosted node and blockchain APIs in real time. BlockWatch lets you set up alarms for various node states, such as when it’s running or in a halted mode, when its resource usage is above a certain threshold, and many other options. It also allows you to send notifications via SMS, email, and even Slack channels if an alarm is triggered.

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