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Andromeda Selects InfStones as its Genesis Validator


Andromeda Selects InfStones as its Genesis Validator
Apr 17,2024|Clients

InfStones is proud to announce our collaboration with the Andromeda Protocol. We have collaborated as a genesis validator, playing a crucial role in the network's initial phase and ensuring its security and efficiency from the outset.

The Andromeda Protocol introduces an innovative platform that simplifies blockchain development, making it more accessible to a wider range of developers. Its unique Operating System, AndromedaOS or aOS, makes it easier to create and integrate Web3 apps, ensuring seamless interoperability and efficiency across several blockchain ecosystems. This approach democratizes blockchain application development, paving the way for more inventive and user-friendly solutions in the decentralized space.

As a genesis validator for the Andromeda Network, InfStones ensured the network's security and reliability. This role also allowed us to provide an intuitive and secure channel for users to stake Andromeda native tokens (ANDR), contribute to the network security, and enjoy the rewards of participation.

InfStones is committed to advancing blockchain technology, and this collaboration underscores our focus on fostering innovation, enhancing security, and engaging with the community to drive the blockchain ecosystem forward. Join our journey towards a decentralized future as we unlock new possibilities with the Andromeda Network.

For more information on staking ANDR with InfStones and becoming part of this groundbreaking initiative, visit our
validator link on the Andromeda Network. Together, let's shape the future of blockchain.

About Andromeda

Andromeda is an all-on-chain suite of products, tools, and utilities enabled by a decentralized operating system called aOS, or the Andromeda Operating System. aOS is designed to make Web3 simpler and building on-chain Easier, Better, Faster.aOS allows users, creators, and developers to rapidly build dApps, dropping development time from months to minutes. Developers can compose ADOs and dApps across the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond to maximize their total addressable market and interoperability with the best Web3 projects and purpose-built blockchains.

About InfStones

InfStones is an advanced, enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider trusted by the top blockchain companies in the world. InfStones’ AI-based infrastructure provides developers worldwide with a rugged, powerful node management platform alongside an easy-to-use API. With over 20,000 nodes supported on over 80 blockchains, InfStones gives developers all the control they need - reliability, speed, efficiency, security, and scalability - for cross-chain DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and decentralized application development.

InfStones is trusted by the biggest blockchain companies in the world including Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX, Chainlink, Polygon, Harmony, and KuCoin, among a hundred other customers. InfStones is dedicated to developing the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation.