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StakeStone Selects InfStones to Help Facilitate Their Restaking Efforts


StakeStone Selects InfStones to Help Facilitate Their Restaking Efforts
Mar 18,2024|Clients

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with StakeStone to enhance the staking ecosystem and offer advanced technical solutions for restaking. This collaboration leverages InfStone's expertise in EigenLayer Native Restaking to broaden StakeStone's ecosystem and provide its users with superior services and capabilities.

StakeStone is the omnichain liquidity distribution network. It is building STONE, a yield-bearing ETH, as the standard of omnichain liquidity. With its highly scalable and decentralized architecture, StakeStone can continually integrate multiple underlying assets, including restaking and more to come, to boost capital efficiency for users, chains, and ecosystems. It also builds the liquidity market for the application layer, helping users to capture multiple layers of opportunity.

This collaboration intends to harness InfStones' blockchain infrastructure expertise and customized restaking technology solutions to empower StakeStone's platform. By taking advantage of InfStones’ SafeStake SDK, it will enhance StakeStone's restaking processes on the Eigen Layer, making them more efficient and effective. It is centered on our shared values of innovation, security, and user empowerment, aiming to provide users with seamless staking and liquidity distribution experience. The integration of InfStones' EigenLayer Restaking solution with StakeStone's ecosystem is expected to revolutionize the way staking is approached and multiple layers of rewards.

InfStones' CEO, Dr. Zhenwu Shi, expressed, "This collaboration with StakeStone represents a leap forward in our mission to innovate and streamline restaking services. Together, we're setting new standards for what's possible in the DeFi space."

StakeStone's Co-founder, Charles K. added, "Partnering with InfStones enables us to leverage their advanced restaking solutions, significantly enhancing our offering and value proposition to our users. We're excited about the future of this collaboration."

InfStones and StakeStone coming together to revolutionize restaking is a testament to the power of synergy in the blockchain space. We invite our community to explore the new restaking capabilities and join us on this exciting journey toward a more connected and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

About StakeStone

StakeStone is the omnichain liquidity distribution network, an infrastructure for liquidity. By continuously integrating innovative underlying assets and building use cases for STONE on application layers, StakeStone is the evolving and expanding liquidity network that connects the consensus layer and the application layer, and increases the capital efficiency for users, chains and ecosystem protocols.

About InfStones

InfStones is an advanced, enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider trusted by the top blockchain companies in the world. InfStones’ AI-based infrastructure provides developers worldwide with a rugged, powerful node management platform alongside an easy-to-use API. With over 20,000 nodes supported on over 80 blockchains, InfStones gives developers all the control they need - reliability, speed, efficiency, security, and scalability - for cross-chain DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and decentralized application development.

InfStones is trusted by the biggest blockchain companies in the world including Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX, Chainlink, Polygon, Harmony, and KuCoin, among a hundred other customers. InfStones is dedicated to developing the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation.