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ZetaChain Accelerates Blockchain Interoperability and Innovation with InfStones Collaboration


ZetaChain Accelerates Blockchain Interoperability and Innovation with InfStones Collaboration
May 07,2024|Clients

In an exciting development for the blockchain community, InfStones is thrilled to announce its collaboration with ZetaChain, the pioneering EVM-compatible L1 blockchain renowned for its built-in cross-chain interoperability. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards simplifying blockchain infrastructure and enhancing the developer and user experience across the blockchain ecosystem.

ZetaChain stands out as the world’s first decentralized, EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain designed for cross-chain interoperability. It enables the creation of true omnichain decentralized applications (dApps) that can interact with any blockchain, including those without smart contract capabilities such as Bitcoin. This unique capability paves the way for unprecedented connectivity across the blockchain universe, allowing developers to design applications from a single logical point while enabling users to manage assets, data, and liquidity efficiently and securely.

At the heart of our collaboration, InfStones provides ZetaChain with our state-of-the-art Fast API and Power Node services. We have proudly set up validator nodes for the ZetaChain foundation and its ZETA holders. This initiative is designed to attract ZETA holders interested in staking to earn high yields without delving into the complexities of blockchain technology. Moreover, developers eager to build on ZetaChain can now easily register an account and create their API projects using our Fast API, streamlining the development process and fostering innovation within the ZetaChain ecosystem.

InfStones, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, brings to the table a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. Our platform is designed to empower Web3 changemakers by providing a comprehensive, robust suite of tools and services that simplify the development, deployment, and management of blockchain applications. With a proven track record of success, having onboarded as a validator and ecosystem infrastructure provider for ZetaChain's launched Mainnet, InfStones is positioned as a cornerstone for blockchain innovation and growth.

We invite all ZETA holders and developers to take a full advantage of the benefits of this collaboration and join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology. For those interested in leveraging high-yield staking opportunities or developing on ZetaChain, InfStones offers an accessible and powerful platform to bring your projects to life. Together, we are building a more interconnected, accessible, and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

For more information on how to get involved with staking or to start building on ZetaChain using our Fast API, please feel free to contact us. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the full potential of blockchain interoperability and innovation.

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain is a simple, fast, and secure omnichain blockchain. A pioneer implementing the concept of chain abstraction, ZetaChain serves as the base-layer of the decentralized internet. With ZetaChain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts, developers can build truly interoperable dApps that span multiple chains across any existing blockchain from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto from any chain, including new blockchain innovations into the future. ZetaChain’s mission is to build a platform for global access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain.

About InfStones

InfStones is an advanced, enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider trusted by the top blockchain companies in the world. InfStones’ AI-based infrastructure provides developers worldwide with a rugged, powerful node management platform alongside an easy-to-use API. With over 20,000 nodes supported on over 80 blockchains, InfStones gives developers all the control they need - reliability, speed, efficiency, security, and scalability - for cross-chain DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and decentralized application development.

InfStones is trusted by the biggest blockchain companies in the world including Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX, Chainlink, Polygon, Harmony, and KuCoin, among a hundred other customers. InfStones is dedicated to developing the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation.