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CARV Node Sale with InfStones AMA Recap


CARV Node Sale with InfStones AMA Recap
Jun 01,2024|Events

Carv Node Sale with InfStones AMA Recap

InfStones recently hosted an engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with CARV, shedding light on the future of Web3 gaming and data ownership. The session, led by Ambro CTO from Carv and Rudy, Director of Product from InfStones, delved into key aspects of CARV's upcoming token generation event (TGE) and its collaboration with node providers like InfStones.

During the session, Ambro provided valuable insights into CARV's vision of creating a sustainable and user-owned internet. He emphasized the importance of data privacy and user control, highlighting how CARV's modular data layer aims to revolutionize industries such as gaming while ensuring user sovereignty over their data.

A major announcement during the AMA was the upcoming TGE for CARV's utility token. While Ambro couldn't disclose the exact timing, he hinted at positive momentum, indicating that the TGE is imminent. This generated anticipation among participants, eager to join CARV's ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

Ambro also outlined CARV's tokenomics, emphasizing the utility of the token in governance and participation within the ecosystem. He revealed that a significant portion of the token supply would be allocated to node operators, incentivizing early adoption and active participation in the network.

Additionally, Ambro discussed the collaboration with node providers like InfStones, highlighting the importance of scalability and security in Web3 infrastructure. He praised InfStones' track record and enterprise-grade services, affirming their commitment to providing the best node running services to CARV's community.

The AMA session concluded with participants expressing excitement about CARV's potential to reshape the gaming industry and empower users in the Web3 landscape. Ambro and Rudy thanked everyone for their insightful questions and contributions, promising to keep the community updated on CARV's progress.

Overall, the AMA session provided valuable insights into CARV's vision and upcoming TGE, showcasing the project's commitment to democratizing data ownership and revolutionizing the gaming industry in the Web3 era. If you'd like to listen to the whole AMA session, you can do so here.

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