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InfStones AMA with SafeStake Recap: Key Highlights and Insights


InfStones AMA with SafeStake Recap: Key Highlights and Insights
Jul 05,2024|Events

On June 26, 2024, InfStones had the pleasure of joining SafeStake for an engaging AMA session featuring Adam Kinley, Enterprise Solutions Architect at InfStones. The discussion covered the rewards and challenges of being a professional node operator (PNO), distributed validator technology (DVT), and upcoming Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). Here's a recap of the key points and insights shared during the event.


Adam Kinley kicked off the AMA by introducing InfStones to the SafeStake community. He shared our mission to provide robust blockchain infrastructure solutions and highlighted our latest projects to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem. Adam emphasized how our initiatives benefit SafeStake users and ways to connect with InfStones.

Rewards and Challenges of Being a Professional Node Operator

Adam shared the most rewarding aspects of being a PNO, including community building and contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem. He also discussed the technical challenges, such as scalability and managing updates, and how InfStones overcomes these hurdles through strategic planning and advanced technology.

Key insights include:

  • Handling Downtime and Outages: InfStones' strategies pre and post-DVT to maintain high availability.
  • Private Key Security: Robust measures in place to safeguard private keys.
  • Mitigating Slashing Penalties: A collaborative approach involving DAOs, operators, and other entities.

Distributed Validator Technology (DVT)

Adam explored the potential of DVT in mitigating challenges faced by PNOs. He shared specific instances where valuable lessons were learned, offering technical tips, risk management strategies, and tools that have proven particularly useful. The conversation provided advice on managing responsibilities across multiple networks while maintaining operational efficiency.

Discussing Vitalik's Proposals and EIPs

The conversation also delved into Vitalik's recent proposals for Ethereum's future, including EIP-8192, which explores three potential approaches to enhance Ethereum's efficiency. Adam shared his thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of each approach and their implications for Ethereum's scalability and security.Additionally, EIP-7702 (Account Abstraction) was discussed, focusing on its potential to enhance user functionality by temporarily granting regular Ethereum accounts smart contract abilities. Adam highlighted the fee sponsorship feature and its role in incentivizing participation and driving mass adoption.


The session ended with Adam encouraging the audience to test drive SafeStake and prepare for the mainnet launch. Running a validator or operator node on InfStones is a great way to be part of this exciting journey. Get started here. You can also listen to the full AMA session on Twitter Spaces here.

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