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InfStones Collaborates with CoreDAO And Participates in SUI Wave 2 Testnet


InfStones Collaborates with CoreDAO And Participates in SUI Wave 2 Testnet
Mar 07,2023|Newsletter

Welcome to the InfStones March newsletter. There have been some exciting developments for the company over the past month, including a major collaboration that we’re thrilled about.

Here are all of our key updates from February that you need to be aware of as an InfStones insider.

InfStones Collaborates with CoreDAO to Serve as an API Service Provider and a Validator

InfStones Insider: March Newsletter

In February, InfStones collaborated with CoreDAO to serve as an API service provider and a validator for its network. CoreDAO is the official organization behind the Core blockchain, an EVM-compatible Layer 1 protocol that’s powered by Satoshi Plus, a consensus mechanism that uses a combination of delegated BTC mining hash and delegated PoS to secure its network.

The Core blockchain was created to solve the “blockchain trilemma,” which is the technical challenge of creating a blockchain that is secure, decentralized, and scalable. Usually, one of these features has to be sacrificed in order to create a functional blockchain. However, thanks to its revolutionary Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism, CoreDAO has solved the blockchain trilemma. Now, their mission is to make Core a foundational blockchain for the Web3 industry.

Thanks to our new collaboration with CoreDAO, developers in our community will be able to easily build Web3 apps with the help of InfStones’ API platform. We offer multiple pricing tiers to choose from, including a free tier option. Additionally, we have officially launched our validator node for the Core blockchain, which means that CORE holders can now delegate their tokens to our validator at any time to earn rewards.

By launching a validator node, InfStones will help to keep the Core network secure and operating at maximum capacity. The Core community is growing very quickly — in fact, CoreDAO has already amassed over 1.6 million Twitter followers and 204k Discord members. We are excited to provide infrastructure support to CoreDAO as it continues to grow and scale.

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InfStones Participates in SUI Wave 2 Testnet

InfStones Insider: March Newsletter

In addition to collaborating with CoreDAO, InfStones also participated in the SUI Wave 2 testnet last month. This testnet was the second of four waves that will stress test the SUI network to make sure that its tokenomics design and implementation are sound and free of errors and bugs.

SUI is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that is designed to make it easy for Web3 developers and creators to build incredible experiences for industry participants. SUI is one of the largest and best-funded projects to emerge from Web3 in recent years, with over $300 million in funding as of now. The SUI blockchain is attracting a lot of attention due to its horizontal scalability, instant finality, and low fees.

InfStones participated in the SUI Wave 2 testnet by playing a game that was designed to cause huge fluctuations in the validator stake distribution and the reference gas price from epoch to epoch. It was called “Validator Game,” and to participate, players were encouraged to adjust the minimum gas price to respond to simulated external factors, such as SUI price fluctuations.

We were happy to participate in the Wave 2 testnet in order to help SUI ensure the strength and efficacy of its network. We look forward to being a member of the SUI community for many years to come.

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