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How to Claim Restaking Reward with EigenLayer and InfStones
How to Claim Restaking Reward with EigenLayer and InfStones
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Feb 26 , 2024 · 2 min read

How to Claim Restaking Reward with EigenLayer and InfStones

How to Claim Your Restaking Reward?

Following the successful launch of our mainnet as well as our first blog on how to restake ETH on EigenLayer, InfStones is thrilled to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrency restaking. In this continuation of our educational series, we’re excited to guide you through the process of claiming restaking reward with InfStones and EigenLayer, ensuring you're fully equipped to maximize your investment returns. Join us as we explore the seamless integration of tracking and claiming reward, a testament to our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in the crypto ecosystem.

1 Claim Your MEV Reward on InfStones

Your first step towards claiming reward begins on the InfStones website, you can easily claim your Execution Layer (EL) reward and MEV directly through InfStones’ platform.

STEP 1: Check Claimable Reward Redeem Card

To begin, you can dive into the Safe Stake section and enter the Dashboard with anticipation. Here, all your claimable reward are in the “Redeem” card and you can directly click on this.

all your claimable reward are in the “Redeem” card

This action will allow you to connect your wallet and select from your validators.

Connect your wallet and select your validator through Safe Stake on InfStones

Simply tick the small boxes located in front of your chosen validator’s name and click Select.

InfStones' Select Validator option allows you to claim rewards from multiple validators at one time

STEP 2: Claim MEV Reward

Once you've identified the validators with reward ready for claiming, proceed by clicking “Claim Reward” to seamlessly bridge your efforts with your earnings on the InfStones platforms.

 proceed by clicking “Claim Reward” to seamlessly bridge your efforts with your earnings on the InfStones platforms

2 Claim Your Consensus Layer Reward on EigenLayer

The process continues on EigenLayer, where claiming staking reward takes on a manual flair, known as Partial Withdrawals in EigenLayer's official documentation.

STEP 1: Check Your EigenPod Balance

On the EigenLayer platform, if there is any unclaimed reward, it will reflect on your EigenPod Balance, then you can start your claim by clicking “Unstake” to initiate the 7-day escrow period. A successful initiation will lead to a confirmation message.

Check your EigenPod Balance

Following the transaction's verification, your EigenPod balance will be moved to “Unstake pending”. It's important to note that Ethereum's design for withdrawals permits only one partial withdrawal per validator sweep cycle, which typically spans 4-5 days.

EigenPod Balance moved to Unstake pending on EigenLayer Dashboard

STEP 2: Withdraw After 7-Day’s Waiting

After the escrow period concludes, you will be able to click “Withdraw” to transfer the funds into your wallet. A successful withdrawal will be confirmed accordingly. Also, please notice that any funds unstaked from EigenLayer are subject to this 7-day escrow period, necessitating a waiting period before you can access your assets.

Withdraw on EigenLayer

3 Monitor Points on EigenLayer

STEP 1: Check EigenLayer Restaked Points

Since restaked points play a crucial role in future EigenLayer airdrop opportunities, making them a vital component of your restaking strategy, you can check your Restaked Points anytime by navigating to your EigenPod dashboard on the EigenLayer app.

Check your Restaked Points on EigenLayer

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