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Goracle Chooses InfStones as A Validator and More!


Goracle Chooses InfStones as A Validator and More!
Apr 03,2023|Newsletter

Welcome to the InfStones April Newsletter. Over the past month, we’ve announced several new collaborations that will provide a high level of value to our users. 

Here are all of the key developments that took place in March. 

InfStones Collaborates with Theta to Launch its API Service on the InfStones Platform 

Goracle Chooses InfStones as A Validator and more! - InfStones’ April Newsletter

In March, InfStones collaborated with Theta, a leading blockchain network that provides payment frameworks, decentralized storage, and smart contract capabilities. Theta also has a highly innovative peer-to-peer video delivery network called Theta Edge Network that incentivizes users to share bandwidth and computing power with the network. 

Through our collaboration with Theta, we are now supporting its API offering on the InfStones platform. Now, Theta developers and users will be able to take full advantage of InfStones’ lightning-fast API service in order to build revolutionary Web3 apps. Our one-click setup API endpoint is highly scalable and secure, and It’s also optimized for collaboration — so developers can easily invite others to work on projects with them. 

Read the full collaboration article here.

InfStones Collaborates with Goracle to Run Nodes for its Oracle Network

Goracle Chooses InfStones as A Validator and more! - InfStones’ April Newsletter

In addition to collaborating with Theta, InfStones also teamed up with Goracle last month to serve as a validator supporting its oracle solution. Goracle is a next-generation decentralized oracle network built to service data requests within the Algorand blockchain ecosystem. 

InfStones will directly contribute to the security and availability of nodes within the Goracle network as a validator. We will also serve as a node provider and management service for Goracle’s key backers and its community. Additionally, we will allow members of the Goracle ecosystem to delegate their stake, further contributing to the security of the network.  

Read the full collaboration article here

InfStones is Hiring for Multiple Positions  

InfStones is growing quickly and as a result, we are looking to add new skilled professionals to our team. Currently, we have several positions that we are hiring for including Ecosystem Solution Architect, Business Development Manager, Business Operation Generalist, Application Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Graphic Designer and Technical Writer. 

If you have a strong background in any of these positions and/or are interested in advancing your career by obtaining a position at Web3’s leading infrastructure company, then feel free to check out and apply to our open jobs. 

See a full list of open positions here

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