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InfStones Serves as the Genesis Validator and Will Produce Blocks for the New Tgrade Mainnet


InfStones Serves as the Genesis Validator and Will Produce Blocks for the New Tgrade Mainnet
Jul 07,2022|Newsletter

InfStones Serves as the Genesis Validator and Will Produce Blocks for the New Tgrade Mainnet

Tgrade is a public, permissionless blockchain that is secured by “proof-of-engagement,” a flexible consensus mechanism.

The platform is designed to serve as a bridge between the worlds of decentralized finance and government regulation. Using the platform, entities such as national regulators can create ‘trusted circles’ that include businesses and institutions that they approve of or endorse.

Companies and protocols can gain access to these trusted circles by proving their compliance and engagement with the trusted circle creator, essentially establishing a self-sovereign governance mechanism. Compliance checks are done off-chain.

InfStones is proud to announce that we will serve as the genesis validator and produce blocks for the newly launched Tgrade mainnet.

Learn more about Tgrade here:

InfStones Partners with Comdex to Serve as a Validator on Its Network

Comdex is a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. It gives developers the power to create and scale cutting-edge DeFi applications.

The Comdex ecosystem includes a number of native DApps, protocols, and DEXs such as Commodo, a decentralized lending protocol; CSwap, a hybrid DEX; and ShipFi, a platform for collateralizing real-world assets as NFTs.

Comdex also has a number of customizable modules that help developers create their own unique DApps and protocols. Comdex offers modules for rewards, minting, DEXs, asset tokenization, auctions, and more.
InfStones has partnered with Comdex as a network validator.

Learn more about Tgrade here:

InfStones Enables Ethereum2 Staking Self-service Feature

In an exciting new development, InfStones has enabled Ethereum2 self-service staking on our platform.

Now users can connect their Web3 wallet to stake ETH directly while relying on InfStones’ decentralized validators and validation services.

Trusted by prominent players including Binance, CoinList, Circle, and imToken, InfStones offers the operation and maintenance experience of Ethereum2 validators, and has already secured more than 10,000 stable Ethereum2 nodes on the platform.

By enabling the Ethereum2 staking feature, InfStones hopes to provide a secure, easy-to-use, and reliable portal that will encourage more users to participate in Ethereum2 staking without the hassle of operating and maintaining infrastructure, which will significantly strengthen the Ethereum network.

Check out the detailed staking tutorials of Ethereum2 at the following link:

InfStones Enables Threshold Node Management and Staking Features

We are happy to announce that we have successfully enabled Threshold’s node management and staking features on the InfStones platform.

As the merged product of Keep and NuCypher, Threshold has combined the strength of both projects: Keep’s infrastructure and NuCypher’s privacy tools, providing users with an integrated way to ensure their digital assets are private and secure.

As prerequisites for Threshold staking, the launch and maintenance work of Threshold Operator nodes contain a high technical barrier that may have discouraged many potential users of the staking feature.

With Threshold’s newly enabled node management and staking services on the InfStones self-service platform, users can complete the entire staking process autonomously in a few clicks, streamlining the entire process as well as lowering the barriers to participation in Threshold staking.

Check out the detailed staking tutorials of Threshold at the following link:

By providing powerful infrastructure services, InfStones hopes more users within the wider community will help elevate the Threshold network to the next level.

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