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Staking Support Added for IRIS Network and More!


Staking Support Added for IRIS Network and More!
Jan 11,2023|Newsletter

Staking Support Added for IRIS Network  

In December, InfStones announced comprehensive staking support for the IRIS protocol, a network that allows users to manage their NFTs cross-chain through interchain accounts. IRIS allows for NFT interoperability across a wide variety of blockchains, giving users greater flexibility and control. 

By integrating and adding staking support for IRIS, InfStones is empowering its customers to stake and earn rewards for the IRIS token. InfStones is committed to giving our users access to an ever-growing number of protocols with our best-in-class staking infrastructure. We are continually working to increase the number of networks we support and are excited for all the new opportunities to come in 2023.

You can learn more about the IRIS protocol here

InfStones Integrates Terra and Adds Staking Support for LUNA 

In addition to IRIS, InfStones also integrated the Terra protocol, and rolled out staking support for the LUNA token. Terra is an open-source, community-owned blockchain that hosts a wide variety of applications in its ecosystem. It provides an array of cutting-edge developer tools that can be used to build Web3 apps and organizations. 

LUNA is the Terra platform’s native currency, and the token can be used to pay transaction fees on the Terra blockchain, purchase digital art, and more. InfStones is now enabling users to earn rewards for staking their LUNA tokens on our platform. 

You can learn more about the Terra protocol and the LUNA token here

InfStones Publishes a New Blog: The State of Interoperability Between Blockchains

InfStones published a blog post on the state of interoperability between blockchains in an effort to help our customers stay up to date on the latest in Web3 technologies. This blog explains the significance of interchain communication and cooperation in the Web3 ecosystem, including current breakthroughs, limitations, and more. 

Recently, a number of exciting innovations have occurred that are helping to advance interoperability between blockchains, two of the most notable of which are wrapped tokens and cross-chain bridges. 

These advancements enable tokens to be utilized on non-native blockchains. For example, by converting a Bitcoin into a wrapped Bitcoin, users can interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. More exciting innovations could be right around the corner. 

Read the full blog here

InfStones Publishes a New Blog — The Role of Validators in Blockchain Networks: A Case Study on OKP4

InfStones also published a blog post on the role of validators in blockchain networks. Specifically, this blog provided a case study of OKP4 (Open Knowledge Protocol 4), a newer Proof-of-Stake blockchain that incentivizes data sharing and processing services in a secure, transparent, private, and reliable way to generate the maximum amount of new data for the network.  

Validators help to uphold the security and integrity of the OKP4 network by verifying transactions through a series of cryptographic techniques, including checking to make sure that blocks are formatted correctly, meeting all technical requirements, and validating the signatures of each transaction. 

Learn more about the role of validators on the OKP4 network, and others like it here

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