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How to Stake Mina: The Ultimate Guide to Mina Staking with Infstones
How to Stake Mina: The Ultimate Guide to Mina Staking with Infstones
Mar 14 , 2024 · 2 min read

Mina Staking Tutorial

Dive into Mina Protocol with our guide on how to stake MINA with InfStones. In this article, we offer you a step-by-step process to stake MINA.

What is Mina and MINA Staking?

Mina Protocol is a blockchain platform that achieves scalability through a lightweight, fixed blockchain size of approximately 22 KB. It uses zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) cryptography to verify transactions without storing the entire transaction history. Mina Protocol's native cryptocurrency, MINA, is used to facilitate network transactions and distribute fees between users.

MINA Staking refers to the process of participating in the Mina Protocol network by staking (locking up) your MINA tokens to perform various functions on the network, such as securing the network, validating transactions, and participating in the governance of the protocol.

What Should You Know about MINA?

The staking information is highlighted in the table below:

Rewards Distribution Interval14 Days
Rewards Distribution MethodRewards are automatically distributed to the staking wallet address.
Unbonding Period 14-28 Days
Compounding Auto compounding.

How to Stake MINA with InfStones?

Follow step-by-step staking guide below!

Step 1: Go to Mina Staking official website

Visit the official Mina Scan website at Navigate to the 'Validators' tab on the website.

Step 2: Find the InfStones validator on Minascan

In the search box, type 'InfStones' to locate the validator you want to stake with.

Mina Staking Tutorial

Step 3: Click Stake button

Once you have found 'InfStones,' click on the 'Stake' button next to the name. Then, click 'Next' to proceed with the staking process.

Mina Staking Tutorial

Step 4: Decide amount you want to stake

Now enter the specific amount you wish to stake. Then, click the "Next" button to proceed.

Mina Staking Tutorial

Step 5: Confirm your staking

Confirm your transaction to complete the staking process.

Mina Staking Tutorial

How to Get Mina Rewards?

Step 6: Open Auro Wallet

Open your Auro wallet. You can find it on Chrome extensions. Click on "Check More Transaction History." This will conveniently direct you to Mina Explorer.

Mina Staking Tutorial

Step 7: Check Mina Rewards

Within Mina Explorer, select the "Transactions" section. Here, you'll have access to a comprehensive record of all your transaction history.

Mina Staking Tutorial

How to Unstake Mina?

Unlike most staking protocols, Mina doesn't have a specific "Unstake" or "Undelegate" command. This is because Mina never locks staked funds, allowing them to be accessed at any time.

You can do any of the following to unstake/undelegate: transfer, sell, donate, redelegate to the original account, or redelegate to another validator.

If you wish to change validators, you can first open your Auro wallet and click staking and click change.

Mina Staking Tutorial

Why Stake with INfStones?

User-centric experience:

  • Intuitive staking experience with graphic interface.
  • Seamless integration with various wallets.
  • Standardized and consistent logic across different protocols.

Secure and reliable infrastructure:

  • 2000+ service days with 0 slashing.
  • Non-custodial staking.
  • Trusted by Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX and more.

Comprehensive support and resources:

  • 24/7 professional support.
  • Extensive guiding documentations.
About InfStones

InfStones is an advanced, enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider trusted by the top blockchain companies in the world. InfStones’ AI-based infrastructure provides developers worldwide with a rugged, powerful node management platform alongside an easy-to-use API. With over 20,000 nodes supported on over 80 blockchains, InfStones gives developers all the control they need - reliability, speed, efficiency, security, and scalability - for cross-chain DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and decentralized application development.

InfStones is trusted by the biggest blockchain companies in the world including Binance, CoinList, BitGo, OKX, Chainlink, Polygon, Harmony, and KuCoin, among a hundred other customers. InfStones is dedicated to developing the next evolution of a better world through limitless Web3 innovation.

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