Industry Challenges
Staking Comes with Obstacles
Finding a Reliable Staking Validator
Finding a reliable staking validator is a challenging task, requiring users to navigate extensive information to safeguard rewards and assets.
Learning Staking Procedures
You must learn the step-by-step procedures of staking on multiple PoS blockchain protocols, which can be challenging due to their differences.
Tracking Staking Rewards
You need to query and analyze reward data from different blockchain protocols, which demands expertise and advanced analytics tools.
Effortless Staking, Made Easy
Reliable Validators
Validators are set up for high availability and are automatically scalable based on network conditions.
Intuitive Platform
Enjoy a seamless staking experience without having to learn or understand complex blockchain protocols.
Advanced Analytics
Gain access to real-time tracking, seamless multi-chain monitoring, and automated reward analysis.
100% Trust, 0% Uncertainty
Ease of Staking
Stake your tokens securely and stress-free, then sit back and relax while earning rewards without worrying about underlying validators.
Multi-Protocol Support
We support staking for many of the top PoS blockchain protocols, with more regularly added.
Reward Tracking
Claim and track your rewards in real time, and effortlessly keep track of your earning trend.
Slashing Coverage
We'll provide compensation for stakes made through Learn more.
InfStones has an impeccable track record in providing staking services and unparalleled experience in blockchain node management. This is why we have chosen to expand our relationship.
Gavin Guo
Head of Operations and Staking - Binance