Use Power Node as Dedicated API
Use Power Node as Validator
Use Power Node as Dedicated API
Simplify blockchain API setup with InfStones. Create customized API services in seconds, without request limits. Say goodbye to shared API issues like performance, control, privacy, and regulations.
Industry Challenges
Running Dedicated API Is Grueling
Configuration Pitfall
Insufficient node configuration can expose vulnerabilities, creating substantial security threats that span across multiple levels of the system.
Scalability Challenge
Unforeseen traffic surges can result in system crashes and undesired periods of downtime, posing significant challenges to operational stability.
Maintenance Hurdle
Keeping protocol binaries and configurations up-to-date can be difficult, especially when expertise, time, and resources are limited. This can potentially impact node availability.
Boundless Custom API Node
Customizable API Setup
InfStones' platform simplifies dedicated API setup, guaranteeing flawless configuration for seamless API utilization and optimal performance.
Automated Scaling
Harness the capabilities of our auto-scaling feature, effortlessly resizing nodes and optimizing disk capacity to guarantee peak performance and resource efficiency.
Seamless Maintenance
Leverage our binary upgrade feature to easily maintain your software. Receive real-time alerts for critical actions, liberating your team from tedious tasks.
100% Ownership, 0% Compromise
Simplified API Setup
Connect to any blockchain protocol through your own node that is dedicated to your API needs and not shared with others.
Dynamic Scaling
Your nodes autonomously adjust to traffic changes, guaranteeing optimal performance and seamless updates without any hassle.
Automated Brilliance
Enjoy effortless optimization with automated maintenance, freeing your team from tedious and time-consuming tasks.
Streamlined Workflow
Enjoy streamlined setup and customization, minimizing customer service engagements for a frictionless experience.
The InfStones team quickly set up a testing environment with which we managed to get a result that was 4 - 12 times faster than any of the solutions we tried in the market.
Mats Olsen
Co-founder & CTO - Dune