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How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed
How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed
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Jan 06 , 2023 · 2 min read
How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

MetaMask's parent company, ConsenSys, recently announced that they would start collecting and processing user data across their API and services. With this new update, your data, including transaction information, usage records, and identity information will be actively tracked while using MetaMask.

And if you've used MetaMask recently, you'll know how long it takes to process transactions, the inconsistency in calculating gas fees, and how it occasionally fails to work. But the good news is that there are actually some easy ways to increase your privacy and your transaction speed!

How to Improve MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

You can address both problems by changing MetaMask’s default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) API configuration to a better one. With InfStones API, you’ll enjoy faster transaction processing, more accurate gas fees, and real privacy — we don’t track our users' API information.

We’ll quickly show you how to change your MetaMask settings and start using our API.

How to Use InfStones’ RPC URL in MetaMask

Step 1

Sign in to your InfStones account or sign up for one. Once you’re logged in, go to the API section and create a new Ethereum API project.

Step 2

After creating the project, the RPC HTTPS and Web Socket URLs should be displayed on a new page. Copy the HTTPS URL as shown below and keep it in a safe place for now.

How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

Step 3

Return to your MetaMask wallet, and if you aren’t already signed in, enter your wallet password. When your wallet opens, go to the currently active network > “Add Network,” as illustrated below.

How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

Step 4

When you click "Add Network," a new page will appear, asking for information about the new network. Enter all the values as shown in the image below, but remember to use the new RPC URL value you copied from your InfStones dashboard.

How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

The information for these fields is also listed below:

  • Network Name: Ethereum InfStones
  • New RCP URL: <Value you copied from your InfStones dashboard>
  • Chain ID: 1
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:

Step 5

After filling out all the information, click the “Save” button to continue.

To ensure everything is working correctly, open your MetaMask wallet and make sure that “Ethereum InfStones” is the currently active network. You can now enjoy better privacy and faster transactions already.

Add BNB Chain and OKC Configuration in MetaMask

The reason we had to edit the network values manually in the last section is that MetaMask doesn’t allow users to programmatically modify Ethereum Network’s details. For other popular networks, we’ve simplified things further with a straightforward "Add to Wallet" button.

Step 1

If you want to do this for BNB Chain or OKC, head to the API section on your InfStones dashboard and create a new BNB Chain or OKC API (or select an existing one).

How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

Step 2

Once you’re on the new API project detail page, click the "Add to Wallet" button. Your InfStones API will automatically integrate with MetaMask, displaying a popup to enable authorization as shown in the image below.

How to Improve Your MetaMask Privacy and Transaction Speed

Step 3

Once you authorize this request, you’ll have stronger privacy and faster transactions.

Privacy is a significant concern in general, but especially on blockchains, places where the internet has become incredibly interconnected. A platform tracking your usage records can endanger your personal information.

Because of this risk, you must take extra steps when choosing your project’s infrastructure provider.

Protecting privacy is a top priority for us at InfStones. To that end, we don’t track user API or node usage. Additionally, we’ve been a key player in the ecosystem at large, assisting people in building secure and scalable blockchain applications through our suite of services.

You can learn more about our services here or contact our team for more information.

About InfStones

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