Industry Challenges
Blockchain Interaction via API Is Overwhelming
Limited Solutions
Connecting to multiple blockchains is difficult as reliable API solutions for emerging protocols are scarce, limiting ecosystem expansion.
High Latency
Insufficient familiarity with validator networks can lead to suboptimal routing, causing latency and delays in transaction speed.
Inadequate Security
Many API solutions in the market have inadequate security features, posing potential security risks for applications.
Supercharged API, Made Effortless
Instant Connection to Multiple Protocols
High-speed connectivity to established protocols, and agility to embrace new ones, enabling seamless integration for fast DApp development.
Accelerated Transaction Confirmation
Directly connect to the validator network with optimized routing techniques, ensuring rapid transaction confirmation and minimal latency.
Enhanced Blockchain Security
Strong protective measures safeguard against vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure environment within the blockchain ecosystem for developers.
100% Connectivity, 0% Constraints
Easy Access to Multiple Blockchains
Harness our robust support for established protocols and swift adoption of emerging ones to develop cutting-edge Web3 applications.
Lightning-Fast Confirmation
Experience fast and secure transaction confirmation with our direct peer-to-peer routes to the validator network, ensuring a seamless experience.
Airtight Security Settings
Ensure the safety of your API endpoints and projects with our comprehensive security features, including IP whitelists, password protection, and access control.
Advanced API Log
Keep track of your projects with ease using our advanced API stats and logs, providing you with critical insights and comprehensive oversight.
As a growing Bitcoin-powered blockchain with millions of community members, Core requires many state-of-the-art API infrastructure providers to connect vital elements of the Bitcoin network with an EVM-compatible application platform. Among those providers, InfStones’ Fast API service has contributed to Core users’ reliable interactions with the chain since mainnet. Additionally, as part of Core’s competitive validator set, InfStones has been a consistent contributor to network operation and efficiency.
Rich Rines
Core Contributor/CEO