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Crypto Staking Reimagined: EigenLayer's New Approach & More


Crypto Staking Reimagined: EigenLayer's New Approach & More
Jan 10,2024|Newsletter

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Restaking Revolution: EigenLayer's Bold Innovation Redefining the Future of Crypto Staking

Crypto Staking Reimagined: EigenLayer's New Approach & More | InfStones' January Newsletter

EigenLayer is revolutionizing blockchain technology with its restaking model on Ethereum, enhancing cryptoeconomic security and efficiency. This innovative approach allows Ethereum stakers to extend their staked ETH to additional applications, notably Actively Validated Services (AVS), consolidating security and fostering a robust Ethereumecosystem. For validators, this means new opportunities for yield generation, aligning their interests with network security. The broader implications of EigenLayer's model include a strengthened Ethereum security framework and enhanced value accrual for stakeholders, promising a transformative impact on the future of crypto staking. Read the full article here.

ARPA Network Launches Round 2 of Community Pool Staking Program

The ARPA Network announces the launch of Community Pool Staking Program Round II, following the successful MainNet launch and Round I earlier this year, which saw over 50 million ARPA staked monthly. This round offers 1.5 million ARPA tokens monthly as rewards, with an increased cap of 5 million ARPA per individual, aligning with Round I's cap increase. Round II invites community members to contribute to ARPA's growth and earn passive income. The focus remains on expanding the Randcast ecosystem and advancing the network's multi-chain strategy, targeting areas like Autonomous Worlds, fully on-chain games, and NFT distribution. Developers are encouraged to engage with the ARPA Network and Randcast, with the bug bounty program offering additionalopportunities. InfStones proudly supports ARPA as a node infrastructure service provider in this round, aiding in the network's robustness and growth.

Stader Labs Introduces Restaking with ETHx and Enhanced Reward Programs

Stader Labs’ ETHx token is now integrated into EigenLayer's restaking program as of December 18, 2023. ETHx holders can restake directly on EigenLayer or through Kelp DAO's Early Queue program. This integration allows ETHx stakers to contribute to the Ethereum network's security and participate in additional decentralized services for rewards. EigenLayer's restaking concept leverages staked Ethereum or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) for securing more services on the Ethereum blockchain. Kelp DAO, focusing on liquidity and DeFi opportunities, provides an Early Queue for LSTs, including ETHx, to facilitate easier access to restaking on EigenLayer. Over 49,000 ETHx have been deposited to EigenLayer thus far. The addition of ETHx to these platforms is a significant advancement in the restaking domain, giving users additional choice of LST protocol,while simultaneously enhancing the utility and application of ETHx in the Ethereum ecosystem. InfStones, through its strategic collaboration with both Stader and EigenLayer, supports this new phase in ETHx's integration, emphasizing the importance of this development in the broader context of blockchain infrastructure and staking ecosystems.

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