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InfStones Collaborates with Swell to Provide Robust Node Management Services and More!


InfStones Collaborates with Swell to Provide Robust Node Management Services and More!
Sep 07,2022|Newsletter

InfStones Collaborates with Swell to Provide Robust Node Management Services

This month, InfStones joined forces with Swell, a permissionless, non-custodial liquid ETH staking protocol. The Swell Network was built for stakers, node operators, and the Ethereum ecosystem at large. On the Swell platform, users have multiple options for staking ETH and can earn returns ranging from 4–11%.

InfStones will provide Swell with node management services. With this new collaboration, Ethereum stakers on the Swell Network will now be able to natively select InfStones as a verified node operator. InfStones is going to become one of the first verified node operators to join the Swell Network DAO.

As a part of this collaboration, InfStones will run validator nodes on Swell that operate at the protocol layer. Stakers on the network will be provided with a 1:1 asset-backed ETH staking derivative. This derivative will be contained within the Swell Financial NFT (swNFT), which is known as Swell Ether (swETH).

Learn more about InfStones’ collaboration with Swell here.

InfStones Joins AssetMantle Network

InfStones is now serving as a validator for the AssetMantle Network. As the first NFT marketplace with a blockchain-based identity, the platform users can create not only their own NFT collections, but also their own NFT marketplaces and storefronts.

By serving as a network validator for AssetMantle, InfStones will assist in facilitating a higher level of security and trust in its NFT marketplace, leveraging our robust and highly scalable infrastructure solutions.

Learn more about AssetMantle here.

InfStones Collaborates with OKC to Provide Lightning-Fast API Services

InfStones is proud to announce that we recently teamed up with OKC in order to provide the platform with quick and nimble API services. OKC is a highly secure and programmable smart contracts platform designed for next-generation Web3 applications.

With this collaboration, OKC users will be able to use the InfStones platform to launch projects and enable on-chain interactions with just a few simple clicks. OKC users will also be able to benefit from a wide range of API security features and capability of monitoring usage 24/7 with advanced API logs.

Read the full collaboration announcement article here.

InfStones Enables Node Disk Auto-Scaling Feature

We are happy to announce the newly added disk auto-scaling feature on our platform that has set the users free from node problems due to insufficient disk resources.​​ While the users can still manually resize their nodes, they can now enable the disk auto-scaling feature to automatically resize their disk by 30% when its utilization exceeds 70%. This feature aims to significantly elevate the user experience of managing nodes on the platform, ensuring the proper function of nodes at all times without real-time monitoring by users. We will be continuously introducing more features on our platform in the future to provide a more secure, stable, and convenient Web3 journey for the users in the ecosystem.

Check out the detailed instruction on how to enable the Disk Auto-Scaling feature here.

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