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InfStones Begins Serving as a Validator for the Agoric Network and More!


InfStones Begins Serving as a Validator for the Agoric Network and More!
Dec 07,2022|Newsletter

The month of November was filled with exciting collaborations and developments for InfStones. Here are the key events that took place for the company during this month.

InfStones Begins Serving as a Validator for the Agoric Network 

Earlier this month, InfStones announced a new collaboration with Agoric: we’re now serving as a validator for the Agoric network, which is a Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing Hardened JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi. Web3 developers can save time byusing their secure, pre-built smart contract components and DApps. 

Agoric chose to collaborate with InfStones due to our robust infrastructure solutions. By serving as a validator for the Agoric network, InfStones will help to keep the network strong and efficient. 

Agoric is backed by Polychain Capital, Outlier Ventures, Spark Capital, and many other industry-leading companies. 

Learn more about Agoric here.

InfStones Collaborates with Stride to Serve as a Validator 

In addition to Agoric, InfStones is also now collaborating with Stride to serve as a network validator. Stride is a blockchain “zone” that lets users stake tokens from any Cosmos chain. With Stride, users can compound the yield of their staked assets. 

Security is a top priority for Stride. Having InfStones as a validator will give the Stride network extra strength and security. Through this collaboration InfStones plans to help support Stride on its mission to be the top Cosmos liquid staking zone for many years to come. 

You can learn more about Stride here.

InfStones Becomes a Validator for the Razor Network 

InfStones also became a validator for the Razor network this month. Razor is an end-to-end decentralized oracle network with no decentralized bottlenecks. It provides data to smart contracts using a network of stakers. 

In its capacity as a validator, InfStones will help to guarantee the Razor network’s security, ensuring that its data is accurate and reliable. This will keep the network strong and robust as it grows and scales. 

The Razor oracle network is capable of retrieving any type of data that is available on the internet. InfStones will support Razor on its mission to provide high-quality data streams to DeFi projects in a completely decentralized setting. 

Read the full collaboration article here

InfStones Collaborates with Stork to Run Oracles for Its Network 

InfStones also proudly announced a collaboration with Stork in November. We will be running oracles for the Stork network, helping the company access and utilize critical data to provide customers with specialized reference price updates for settlements and liquidations. 

Stork is an oracle network that was built for DeFi and that leverages a hybrid chain architecture to provide extremely fast price updates for supported chains. Stork offers an ultra-low latency reference pricing infrastructure for decentralized exchanges on EVM, Stark, and Move-compatible chains. Stork is the fastest oracle network in the blockchain industry. 

InfStones will help to ensure Stork network’s security and flexibility as it continues to develop. Stork has become one of the leading oracle networks in the blockchain industry, and InfStones plans to help it continue to thrive for many years.

Read the full article here.

InfStones Publishes a Blog on the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Setting up a Node 

InfStones has published a blog discussing the top 5 most common mistakes people make when setting up a node. These mistakes can leave blockchain applications and nodes seriously vulnerable to being attacked. You can help ensure your nodes are operating at peak security and capacity simply by avoiding them. 

The first mistake listed in the blog is “ignoring security precautions,” which can lead to node failure — because without the right security precautions in place, hackers could bloat your endpoint. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures such as configuring your node to only accept requests from trusted users (IP addresses). 

Another mistake is not setting up monitoring. Without monitoring, you can’t know how your node is performing. It also allows you to keep a close eye on your node and view helpful statistics and metrics that give you complete oversight. 

Read the full blog to see all 5 node setup mistakes here

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