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Sui API, Enhanced ETH Staking, and More


Sui API, Enhanced ETH Staking, and More
May 15,2023|Newsletter
Sui API, Enhanced ETH Staking, and More - InfStones’ Latest Product News

Here are all of our key platform updates for May.

InfStones Launches Sui API Service 

We proudly launched a new Sui API service as a part of our Fast API product this month. By adding Sui API to our platform, we will provide Sui developers with easy access to our robust infrastructure and powerful tools for building Web3 apps. The new service is designed for optimal security and reliability while offering extremely high performance. It is also very developer friendly thanks to its comprehensive documentation and tools. Sui API is live on the InfStones platform, and users can now interact with the Sui Network through our Sui API endpoints and add them to their Sui wallets for fast and secure requests.  

Read the full article here

InfStones Offers Enhanced ETH Staking Process 

We have enhanced our ETH staking process to make it even easier and more user-friendly. Our ETH staking service allows for one-click operation while providing 100% slashing coverage and support for Maximal Extractable Value (MEV). Our MEV support allows users to earn higher rewards for their staked ETH tokens. Additionally, we also support rich and practical monitoring functions that help our users to keep track of their rewards, nodes, and more so that they can make better informed decisions. Finally, we have added a video tutorial that demonstrates the process of staking ETH on the InfStones platform step-by-step. 

Read the full article and see the tutorial here

Third-Party Authentication Now Available on InfStones: Log in with Google, MetaMask, and More

InfStones now offers third-party authentication for a more seamless login experience. Thanks to this new feature, users can log into the InfStones platform with a wide variety of accounts, including Google, GitHub, Discord, MetaMask, Keplr, and Binance Wallet. Being able to log into the InfStones platform through third-party authentication prevents users from having to create an InfStones account and remember yet another password and username to access our platform. We use military-grade security measures to protect all account information and two-factor authentication is available for all users, including those who wish to use third-party authentication. 

Read the full article here

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